On May 1st I took 5 friends and we spent 3 days on the boat.

We started off from Torrevieja in the morning and arrived to Perdiguera, in the Mar Menor (Murcia) 5 hours later, 24 NM in 5:44. Pretty good, with small waves, sun, a cold breeze and in good spirits.

Perdiguera is a nice spot and we spent the day there, staying overnight.

Most of the trip was don at about 1500 Watt, basically the power that we received from the sun. We arrived to the island with the batteries full.

The next day we first went to Los Urrutia for breakfast but ended up staying a bit longer. Then we set off to go back to Torrevieja, but we were running late and we slept in Cabo Roig, a couple of NM before.

We had some minor technical problem, basically the inverter did not work steadily, and I have to investigate the reason. I suspect condensation water, because the inverter is for indoor installation and there is a lot of condensation water inside of the boat, on the back of the solar panels.

The last day we went back to Torrevieja and enjoyed ourselves a bit on the beach.

All in all, the boat demonstrated to be an easy companion for leisure trips. Navigation was easy even for novices, even though keeping straight course is not easy and requires continuous attention.

From this experience, a party of 4 can stay for long on the boat, but 6 people is maybe too much. We had guessed so much, but it is OK for a couple of days.

Navigation is still OK with all 6 sitting on the back- the boat does not suffer much.